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How to contribute?

Here are things you can do to help.


Documentation might be incomplete, or not clear enough, and it is always possible to improve it with better wording, pictures, videos,... As the documentation is part of the source code, you can submit changes to the documentation by creating a pull request

How to create a pull request?

The workflow is based on GitHub flow.

To create a pull request, you need a fork of the repo. Create a new branch from main, make changes in this branch, commit them, and create a pull request.

PR checklist

When making changes to the firmware:

You can also check the maintainer's guide for what maintainers will look at in PRs.

Commit conventions

  • Every commit must contain a title and description, that sufficiently explains all the changes in the commit
  • Commits that fix mistakes from previous commits must be squashed
  • Conflicts must be resolved by rebasing, instead of merging

Commit format

The preferred format for commits is the following:

module: Short description

A more thorough description of all changes in this commit if necessary.

where module can be the name of the file, with or without extension, or a single word explaining the scope of the changes.