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Twilio Time & Temperature in Typescript

Make your own Time and Temperature phone number!

A rewrite of https://gitlab.com/zyphlar/twilio-time-and-temperature in Typescript.


  • A Twilio account
  • NodeJS 18.x
  • Ideally, AWS Lambda for hosting, but not required


  • Copy util/parser.orig.ts to util/parser.ts and edit it to match your desired Twilio phone numbers and locales.
  • For easy dev, run npm run dev-build-start.
  • Access time-temp.php to ensure it's working (should generate Twilio-compatible XML aka TwiML.)


  • To deploy to AWS Lambda, run npm run build and upload dist/index.zip to a new Lambda function.
  • Set your Twilio phone number(s) to send an HTTP POST WebHook to the Lambda function.
  • Call the number to test!