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zyphlar b7301d51cd
Re-add removed stuff 2024-01-05 13:56:55 -08:00
zyphlar 5c87829d65
Reduce font, adjust to 4 sectors per hour, remove broken inline text color 2024-01-05 13:26:37 -08:00
zyphlar 7cd9e8493d
Compress things a bit 2024-01-05 02:32:50 -08:00
zyphlar d2989ae23a
Move Fuzzy into Digital, restore Paint 2024-01-05 02:21:58 -08:00
zyphlar 66f6c34b50
disable watchfaceterminal, watchfacecasiostyleg7710, infinipaint for space 2024-01-05 02:07:08 -08:00
zyphlar 6d615b374c
add missing vars 2024-01-05 01:24:48 -08:00
zyphlar 3df7c6a4f3
Emulate dyamon/watchfacefuzzy 2024-01-05 01:13:05 -08:00
zyphlar e1c652bdfb
build with github 2024-01-05 00:23:31 -08:00
Jean-François Milants f34aede897 Simple Weather Service : Fix timestamp
Wording improvements in doc.

Co-authored-by: Reinhold Gschweicher <>
2024-01-04 13:00:01 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 95e2f9e701 Simple Weather Service : Fix timestamp
Mention that the timestamp should be expressed in localtime time.
2024-01-04 13:00:01 +01:00
Jean-François Milants b4ff1f9ca2 Simple Weather Service : Fix timestamp
In the documentation, specify that the timestamp is expressed in seconds from epoch (instead of nanoseconds).
SimpleWeatherService now uses "localtime" (GetCurrentDateTime()) instead of UTC time.
2024-01-04 13:00:01 +01:00
FintasticMan 9b36afc787 pinetimestyle: Round the displayed temperature
Instead of truncating. This fixes the displayed temperature being 1
degree lower than expected when using GadgetBridge.
2024-01-03 21:01:53 +01:00
FintasticMan 3f51923c3b docs: Fix simple weather forecast message type 2024-01-03 20:58:58 +01:00
liamcharger 82db3dcd18 Update incorrect icon in weather settings 2023-12-30 20:11:13 +01:00
liamcharger ab8515f766 PineTimeStyle: fix brief display of weather dummy data 2023-12-30 20:09:10 +01:00
liamcharger f17bbc38da Remove 'Looking for Maintainer' 2023-12-27 20:59:57 +01:00
Derry Tutt 02a7a3a45f Update 2023-12-23 21:45:57 +01:00
Derry Tutt b0f1a49775 Typo fixed 2023-12-23 21:45:57 +01:00
FintasticMan e88d0afabf pinetimestyle: Display temp in Fahrenheit with setting 2023-12-23 21:42:16 +01:00
FintasticMan d889f3e444 settings: Add settings item for weather format 2023-12-23 21:42:16 +01:00
FintasticMan c04813b6d3 weather: Add function for temperature in Fahrenheit 2023-12-23 21:42:16 +01:00
Jean-François Milants fc5424cb72 User applications selection using CMake
Fix include path since last rebase.
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 2ee2b8523a User applications selection using CMake
Fix typos in and add new line in src/displayapp/apps/CMakeLists.txt
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
JF 06171dad38 Fix trailing space in doc/code/
Co-authored-by: NeroBurner <>
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 7794378e96 CMake user application selection
Move ENABLE_USERAPPS and USERAPP_TYPES from the root CMake file to src/displayapp/apps/CMakeLists.txt so we do not need to repeat it in InfiniSim
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants f0e8bb26e9 Watch face selection with CMake
Move displayapp/Apps.h into a header only library (to make the integration easier in InfiniSim.
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 1ad7840072 Watch face selection at build time
Replace the options that allowed to select the user apps independently by a single string variable that contains the ordered list of apps to build.
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants f2996f54a8 CMake User Applications selection
Update documentation about building a new application and add instructions to add the app in CMake files.
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants e00b98b82c CMake User Applications selection
Revert changes that need "return PROPAGATE" since this is not available in our Docker build (it needs CMake 3.25 and we have 3.22).
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 2bc9318451 CMake User Applications selection
Use CMake's configure_file() functionality to generate the list of User Applications.

All the apps included in current versions of InfiniTime are enabled by default, but this can now be overridden by setting variables ENABLE_APP_XXX to True or False.

CMake CMP0140 is set to NEW to enable the return PROPAGATE functionality.
2023-12-23 21:29:13 +01:00
Jean-François Milants ca7d8a668d Simple Weather Service
Fix ToUInt64() in SimpleWeatherService.cpp.
Fix typo in
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants d56df38aeb Simple Weather Service
Fix typo in doc/
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 6f83a3bade Simple Weather Service
Fix code formatting.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants e5b73212f6 Simple Weather Service
Store temperatures as int16_t (instead of uint8_t previously). The temperature is expressed in °C * 100.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants ad090ab188 Simple Weather Service
Move the function GetIcon that converts SimpleWeatherService::Icons to char (symbol) into a new header file so that it can be used by other apps and companion apps.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants ef2c431569 Simple Weather Service
Code improvements : icon fields are now typed as Icons, move the location string when creating a new instance of CurrentWeather, fix SimpleWeatherService::CurrentWeather::operator== (location was missing from the comparison).
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 199aefc617 Simple Weather Service - code cleaning and improvements
Rename Symbols::cloud_meatball to Symbols::cloudMeatball.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants d29eb1ea99 Simple Weather Service - code cleaning and improvements
Remove unused Weather debug app.
Fix formatting in SimpleWeatherService.cpp.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 3a8c7dc038 Simple Weather Service - code cleaning and improvements
Add missing icons (heavy clouds, thunderstorm, snow).
Remove unneeded comparison operator (!=), improve conversion of Timestamp and MessageType, order includes.
Fix typo in documentation.
Remove not related change in StopWatch.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants fe4b07c610 Simple Weather Service : fix out of bounds access while creating Forecast instance. 2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 50c679023f SimpleWeather service : new weather implementation
Fix recovery firmware and code formatting.
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants c94a59e7d3 SimpleWeather service : new weather implementation
This new implementation of the weather feature provides a new BLE API and a new weather service.
The API uses a single characteristic that allows companion apps to write the weather conditions (current and forecast for the next 5 days).
The SimpleWeather service exposes those data as std::optional fields.

This new implementation replaces the previous WeahterService.

The API is documented in docs/
2023-12-23 21:12:25 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 088082d32d Watch face selection at build time
Do not assign specific values to the fields of the enum WatchFace.
2023-12-21 20:49:22 +01:00
Jean-François Milants 39bc166e54 Watch face selection at build time
Watch faces can now be selected at buid time. It's implemented in a similar way than the selection of user apps, using a list of watch face description that is generated at build time (consteval, constexpr)
2023-12-21 20:49:22 +01:00
Reinhold Gschweicher a544da9ed1 cmake: update the TARGET_DEVICE selection choices as well
The properties are used for CMake-GUI configuration applications to
provide a set of values by dropdown.
2023-12-16 11:43:31 +01:00
FintasticMan 69b9d30a30 p8: Fix build when building for P8 variants
Building with a TARGET_DEVICE set to any of the P8 variants' names
caused the build to fail, because they contained hyphens.
The build defines a macro `TARGET_DEVICE_$VARIANT`, which fails if
`$VARIANT` contains a hyphen.
2023-12-16 11:43:31 +01:00
Jean-François Milants d79766bccd Allow zero app to be selected at build time
Fix 'nScreens' calculation in ApplicationList so that we can build the project with zero user app selected.
2023-12-10 18:16:41 +01:00
mark9064 80607282dd Update VS Code config to C++20 2023-12-10 12:02:42 +01:00
mark9064 54b4750c6f Apply suggestion 2023-12-09 21:20:21 +01:00
mark9064 41a4813c8b Fix calculation of number of app screens 2023-12-09 21:20:21 +01:00